Many music enthusiasts dream of meeting someone, forming a deep connection, and ultimately becoming the new Simon and Garfunkel by creating legendary records for decades. For the pop-duo TimesTwo, this aspiration is on track to become a reality. With the release of their new single “Whenever,” the New York-based duo has once again strengthened their discography with a bright, animated, electronic-tinged summertime vibe that further defines their style and makes us just want more.

Aj and Ry originally met growing up in Miami, Florida, where they met at high school and quickly became close friends. Their similarities, specifically their love of music, were the base for their close bond that makes them near-inseparable to this day. They are now in their 20’s, going to school in New York City and defining their own sound. Centered with strong co-writing and cheerful harmonies, the duo has built a satisfying three-song catalog infused with crisp production, vivid stories, and experimental sonic elements.  We’re excited to see what they have in store for us in the near future. 

Get to know TimesTwo below:

What brought TimesTwo together? 

We met in high school and became really close and stayed that way till now. We have the strongest bond and we truly believe we are soulmates.

How did you guys get into music in the first place? (How has the journey been so far?) 

We both have been songwriting since we were little and have always wanted to make music. Once we moved to New York we were able to access the resources we needed to start actually recording our original music and the journey has been amazing so far. We are so lucky to have the ability to record and work with the people that we do.

How would you describe your music?

Our music is mainly pop, but it definitely has influences from a lot of other genres. We like to experiment with different sounds and vocal harmonies with our music and that makes for a different sound every song, with still holding onto our sound as an artist.

Do you guys have a favorite of your released songs? If so, why?

We truly love all the songs we have released, but “Sink In” might be one of our favs because of how beautiful the song is lyrically.

Who or what are some major influences for your music?

We love writing about real-life experiences that we go through, so our emotions and what goes through our heads goes into our songs. Some artists that inspire us lyrically and sonically are Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Julia Michaels, Kiana Lede, Bazzi, Lennon Stella, and so many more.

Dream artist to collaborate with?

We would love to collaborate with so many artists, but one that we always say would be amazing is a collab with Nicki Minaj because once the queen is on one of our tracks we will be completely fulfilled.

Any new projects we should be on the lookout for?

Our new song “Whenever” came out on May 8th! We worked on it with our amazing producer Gwyn Wheeler in her basement and it was the most fun to make. The sound of the song is a little different than what we have out already, but its super fun and it’s something you can get down to at a party and even make a TikTok dance to!

What are you guys listening to right now?

Right now we’ve been obsessed with Kiana Lede’s new album, as well as Lennon Stella’s. We’ve also been playing our new track “Whenever” on repeat!