Amongst all the commotion, clutter, and responsibility in college, serendipitous friendships are constantly and undoubtedly being formed. Not so common however is that these newfound friends all share the same passion. Back to Yours from Georgetown University had this fortunate fate as Bryce, Daniel, Jiaan, Aiden, and Tommy were fueled by their common love for music. Beginning with informal jam sessions that shifted into recording sessions, Back to Yours brought their unique and energetic sound to life. 

With the release of their debut album, Where Are We Going, the grungy and raw indie-rock band has proven itself here to stay through an eloquent resurgence of classic-rock with a modern flair. Exhibiting catchy choruses and gripping lyrics, Back to Yours creates beautiful illustrations through their natural sounds. Get to know the group and their recent projects below!

What brought Back To Yours together?

We were close friends before we began playing together, mostly oblivious to each other’s musical interests. We began playing casually in our living room until neighbor complaints pushed us to find a studio space. Through a Georgetown class, Guild of Bands, we gained access to the practice space we’ve called home since. We always tell people that we are really just the faces of a much larger operation that involves all of our friends who help us out with social media, videography, etc.. Every step of the way we have enjoyed the last two years as one cohesive unit, made up of five equally excited friends.

Why’d you choose the name Back To Yours?

We went through many iterations of different names, but nothing stuck. The phrase “back to yours” kept coming up in our conversations when figuring out where to practice or write new music. Aiden, our bassist, saw the phrase in a text conversation soon after and we all agreed that it was meant to be.

How did you guys get into music in the first place?

We caught a big break opening for the band Juice last April and selling out a 200 person venue. In the year since, we have racked up over 450k streams on our first five singles and have sold out every show we’ve headlined, in New York and D.C. Every step of the way we have been blown away by the overwhelming support and success we’ve enjoyed. A year ago, none of us could have guessed we’d be where we are now.

How would you describe your music?

Approachable. We want our music to be simultaneously creative and wide-reaching. We write music for people looking to have a good time. We pride ourselves on being loud, but pleasantly so, at least in our opinion.

Daniel Luttway, 22, Piano/Vocals | Bryce Kassalow, 20, Guitar/Vocals |
Jiaan Mansuri, 22, Drums | Aiden Jones, 22, Bass | Tommy Levin, 21, Guitar

Do you guys have a favorite of your released songs? If so, why?

Space Cadette is the released single we are most proud of. We spent more time and energy on recording that track than the other songs and feel the final product conveys the emotion and energy we hoped for. 

Who or what are some major influences on your music?

Our biggest influences are The Strokes, Flaccid Ashbacks, Arctic Monkeys, Cory Wong, and The Beatles. We each listen to a variety of music but these bands are some of the common denominators.

Dream artist to collaborate with?

Brittany Howard in a heartbeat.

Any new projects we should be on the lookout for?

Our debut album, Where Are We Going, was released on May 1st. The 12 track album is a culmination of two years of work and a reflection on our collective college experiences. As we wrap up our senior year, the album allows us to reflect and appreciate the amazing times we’ve had playing shows and the people we’ve met along the way. It also poses the question of what the future holds for the band after graduation.

What are you guys listening to right now?

Summer Salt, Mustard Service, Kendrick Lamar, Early Eyes, PJ Morton, Mo Lowda, and Mako Road, to name a few.

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