This year, 2020, Goose, the Connecticut-based indie-groove band, has released two live albums, following their debut LP in February of 2016. A much needed mood booster in a time of no live music. These projects have showcased their talent as a live band through heavy improvisation, a passion for complexity, and overall tight coordination. These projects solidify the group as one of the best upcoming Jam-bands and gave fans an incredible thirst for their new music. Luckily, in October of this year, they came out with Night Lights, the EP which would give the fans exactly what they were yearning for. 

Although just six-songs, Night Lights carries its weight through musical perfectionism. Mixing individual talents into a warm flow bonfire-ready vibes, the project broadens the band’s sonic horizons, yet refines it at the same time. Opening the album is All I Need, which features a stellar rendition of the classic sound Goose stans know and love; consisting of fast, funky rhythms coupled with soft vocals. But later songs like Butter Rum and Time to Fly infuse more reggae influences, a new genre-bending choice by Goose. 

Overall, the album is a showcase of what’s to come for Goose. They are more than capable of giving an amazing performance full of 20-minute improvisations, however, they’re ready to expand their influences and explore a world of music they may have been uncomfortable with in the past. The project provides a tapas-like experience from Caribbean vibes in Butter Rum, to long-flowing, trancey jam-tracks in Wysteria Lane.